Troy Game Development Club


Meet our hardworking team of programmers, artists, musicians, designers, and writers

Ajay Liu
" why play games when you can make them, especially with such an amazing team "
Matthew Chiasson
Vice President, Quality Insurance
" there is too much blood in my caffeine system "
Talha Ahmed
Secretary, Creative Design
"Big Brain"
Eric Park
Alumnus, Former President
" As the original founder of the club, i'm honored to see how much the club has grown. "
Owen Peng
Treasurer, Programmer
" only gamers can relate "
Ian Kim
Treasurer, Creative/Sound Designer
"Always have fun, that's what matters"
Sean Oreta
Lead Sound Designer
" ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴ "
Robin Jiang
Lead Programmer
"I Like Penguins"
David Pantoja
Executive Dictator of Programming
" If you understand whats going on, you aren't thinking big enough"
Sean Son
Music Producer
" From my experience, nothing is complete without a beat. "
Evann Lim
Music Maker, Level Designer
"DUCK!!! Sorry, I like ducks a lot... and penguins, and fluffy rabbits. But actually, making music and designing levels has been a really amazing experience with these awesome people."
Kyle Thai
Graphic Designer, Level Designer
" Water is good "
Crystal Lee
" All play, no work "
Anthony Bustamante
" Efficiency is clever laziness - Masaru Enatsu "
Aaron Yoon
Freeloader, Professional Slacker
"Capitalism is a failed system. I want the government to give me money."
Minseong Park
Unique Project Advisor
"ads are part of the game"
Tyler Cordova
Sound Designer
"game development club wasn’t what i thought it would be..."
Mike Lai
Sound & Idea Designer
" Loading...... "
Nariana Hariri
Graphic Designer
" Yokai Watch on 3DS wasn’t that bad. "
Ryan Kuo
Creative Design, Writer
" The difference between players and gamers is that players gets the girls. "
Theo Sohn
Creative Designer, Programmer
"My ping is so low I'm practically in the future."
Christian Lee
Graphic Designer
" The "earth" without "art" is just "eh" "
Ben Kang
Level Designer, Game Tester
" Zzz "
Akshay Jayasinghe
" Designing a game is like making up the rules for a sport you play "
River Ngo
"Making games is game itself"
Kyle Son
Software Engineer
" Yeah, making games is pretty cool. "
Logan Dunn
Video Creator
" Games don’t die, they respawn "
Hunjae Lee
Creative designer
" Playing game is fun. "
Krysten Guerrero
Graphic Designer
" imo the point of life is the satisfaction you gain from hard work! "
Andy Chen
Graphic Design, Programmer
" sans. "
Greg Karaguiozian
Graphic/Video Game Art Designer
" shoutout to arkarag "
Kyle Lam
Graphic Designer
" I don't wanna overthink this, so I won't "
Ronil Hora
Graphics Designer, Programmer
" Anarchy is the only true form of government and we all know that's a fact. "
Ellen Yu
Graphic Designer
" Games are amazing "
Chloe Ng
Game Programmer
" cats are awesome, stan cats "
Daniel Lee
Level Designer
" I also enjoy drawing / creating from other mediums "
Johnny Ni
Game Programmer
" game no break == good "
Reagan Hsu
" Why can't all programming be in Scratch... "
Joshua Chong
Graphic Designer
" Cool story. "
Jack Simmonds
" People say you can't do nothing, but I do nothing every day "
Nam Nguyen
" Troy is the CEO of depression and sleep deprivation."
Jordan Osako
" yes "
Johny Eskandar
" Multiplayer games are better than single player games. "
Andrew Park
Probably programmer
" We do a lil gamin' "
Cristian Melgoza
"Think outside the box."
"Or think inside a better box."
Varan Sriram
Brandon Han
" I am the intruder from among us (no way) "
Mr. Lee
Club Advisor, Geometry Teacher
Alberto Garcia
Freshman, Older Brother
" Relax With this url "
Rick Astley
" Gonna give you up, say goodbye "